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Ai Chat Girl for Windows 8 Metro is a virtual girlfriend simulation with avatars that you can really talk to. Soon she will know you better than you know yourself.

Many people use Ai Chat Girl as a friend they can take with them anywhere they want - on their laptops or pads.

It's good for lonely people or for those who want a girlfriend to talk to without any strings attached.

Some people use Ai Chat Girl to learn English - it helps them learn and use the language.

'We're looking for great characters to visit London for one day to see how this technology can help them in their situation.'It is unclear which TV channel the producers are hoping to screen the show on.

The producer's note continues: 'It's part of a high-profile artificial intelligence season on one of the nation's most popular and respected channels.'It should be a unique experience for those involved and the filming will take place for a day in London in September.'If you have any big decisions to make around health, relationships, sex or family we want to hear from you!

Robotic maids and servile techno gizmos and conveniences have come a looooong way since Rosie…

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Scroll down for video His talk show is infamous for its confrontational guests, looking to fix their broken relationships with lie detectors and DNA tests.

In 2005 Prelude won the prestigious chatterbox contest in the category of self-learning chatbot.

A self learning or teachable chatbot can learn and develop without any pre-fabricated knowledge.

These nefarious netbots are Romeos of the worst kind, intelligent enough to No big moral panic here on the kids’ media front, as the chat I’ve seen so far is less teen talk, and more along the lines of naive ‘porndogs’ sniffin’ out a fresh trail in the lonely hearts club…then again, these days, I suppose that could be an 11 year old, so heads up all around I guess…

Yep, that come hither IM with the smooth, sultry PCTools’ spokesperson Richard Clooke said the bots were exploiting the MSN chat forums…

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