Girlfriend needs break dating another guy

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There's also the possibility she just wants change to occur within your relationship.Maybe she's bored, restless, feels neglected, or is generally unhappy with the way you're treating her.She still has feelings for you, and is trying to decide if those feelings are strong enough to continue dating you, of if she'd like to move on and perhaps date other people.The fact that she hasn't broken things off is a good sign that . Some of the time, when a girl asks for a break it's because she has someone else in mind.If she didn’t want to do kiss the guy, she would have reacted within 5 seconds and stopped him from kissing her any further.

For example: If you get angry, become insecure, cry, call her names or threaten to hurt her or the other guy, she can then use that as a reason to break up with you (e.g. So, what you say and do at this point is very important if you want to keep your relationship together or if you want to break up with her without getting even more hurt than you already are right now.

sitting on a couch at a house party and the guy sitting next to her started kissing her, a guy took advantage of her in the back of a taxi, if she was almost at the point of passing out, etc), then it is possible to forgive her for that and continue on in a committed, trusting relationship.

However, if she was just having a few drinks and she actively kissed a guy for more than 10 seconds while out partying, then it is something that you should be very concerned about.

Instantly she’ll see you as weak and needy, and it’ll actually re enforce her decision to break up with you. In learning how to stop your ex girlfriend from dating another guy, threats or ultimatums are the worst possible solution.

There’s not much you can say at this point that she wants to hear, and showing up out of the blue to deliver a message like this will only make things worse. You’ll quickly make your ex angry, and you’ve given her just one more reason to see this new person: to spite you.

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