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Born into a Jewish family that converted to Orthodox Christianity, he was a civil engineer and specialist in constructing of railways in deserts and highlands.The Chinese Eastern railway was to cross Manchuria, Harbin, Pogranichny, and Changchun with Port Arthur in Korea as its final destination.The scandal broke during Chinese New Year, which made it a main topic of conversation among families and friends who were meeting for the festivities.Many of the Millennial (九零後) students that I taught at Shantou University in 2014 clearly remembered discussions during that holiday gathering.The city of Harbin is the capital of Heilung Kiang province in northern Manchuria, northeast China.

Admire Majestic Ice-sculptured Masterpieces Harbin always tries to show its brilliant and unique aspect in winter, different from other cities, while the ice and snow are the best features of this city.The construction of the line began in August 1897 and opened for traffic in November 1903.In the same year, several Russian Jewish families moved to Harbin.On the map of China, Heilongjiang province in northeastern China is like a swan spreading its wings, while Harbin, its capital city is a glistening pearl around swan’s neck. Sophia Church brings solemn tolls; with sun shining brightly, Sun Island evokes people’s happy memories; with continental flavor, European style architectures of Central Street show the charm of “Paris of the Orient”; with snowflakes fluttering, the Ice and Snow World brings you to get to the paradise of dream…Located in China`s northernmost part, Harbin has long and bitter cold winter and short cool summer, which enjoys a good reputation for culture of ice and snow.

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