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(Media Matters) I was first up (dorky photo included) because I said the session was “soft as a grape.” Pretty inflammatory, eh?

An uncharacteristically defensive Kelly said these awful souls “failed to disclose their own biases” against Trump, Republicans or Fox.

He needed a foil to help him make headlines, and he found one in Billy Martin, whose only desire in life was to be manager of the Yankees.

Jo & Sparky wake up Wolverhampton, The Black Country and Shropshire every weekday.

But that wasn't the case, thanks to a Mesa resident who was out for a morning run.

Bryan Yeager spotted Sparky in the canal near the Oakland A's spring training stadium.

And we don't care if it's actually a trident Sparky thrusts in the air; in this town we call it a pitchfork.He tried to lead Sparky to stairs built into the canal.When that didn't work, he called the Mesa Police Department for some help."Officer Goodrich of the Mesa police department came and got on the opposite side of the canal," Yeager wrote.Hadley Stirrup taught Jessica at Bonner Primary School, London.He said: “I feel devastated by this tragedy, as do so many who knew her there.

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